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PORTA-JIB Spider Dolly has come to live in Cleveland

The Spider Dolly has come from our Chicago location to our Cleveland location for an extended visit. If you’re in the Cleveland area, stop by to check it out!

Introducing the new Scoro S and Scoro E from Bron!

Creativity meets high-performance with these new Scoro Power Packs. Their uniquely convenient control systems help you deal with even the most complex lighting setups easily every time.

Find out more!


Canon C300 Firmware Update

Canon has released a firmware update for the EOS C300/C300 PL Cinema EOS Cameras.

Affected Products
EOS C300 Cinema EOS Camera
EOS C300 PL Cinema EOS Camera

Click HERE for more info and to get the update

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Introducing the Hasselblad H5D

We've been guiding the evolution of Hasselblad cameras for over half a century now. And we're far from through.

Hasselblad cameras have been the tools of choice of the world's best photographers for over half a century. Now, a new generation of photographers are seeing what Hasselblad cameras can add to their photography. In a more and more competitive photographic marketplace, more and more photographers are learning that the added quality, resolution, color, and detail that Hasselblad cameras bring to their photography can be the difference between a good career and a great one.

The new H5D, the most recent step in the evolution of the world renowned Hasselblad H System, will provide a powerful addition to any photographer's toolbox. Featuring Hasselblad's legendary image quality, a new stylish and more compact design, an updated lens line, new electronics, improved AF precision and speed, increased stability and performance, a new Macro Converter accessory, the new HCD 4.8/24 mm lens, and a range of new camera functions and improved features.

Meet the Hasselblad H5D and see the evolution of photography continue.

New Rental Items

We have some new rental items available!

-Canon 6D

-Nikon D600

-Sony FS-700

New to Rental! The Profoto Pro-B4 1000 Air

Phase One Certified Professional (POCP)

We will be holding a Phase One Certified Training session at our Cincinnati location on March 25th and 26th.

The training program is designed to give working digital techs the training and skills they need to confidently work with the Phase One camera system and Capture One software on the most demanding of jobs.

This is not just another sales presentation that has been labeled a "training seminar". The POCP training program is an advanced seminar designed for working professionals taught by Phase One Technical Support staff, all of which have years of experience on-set.

The POCP training takes place over a two day period encompassing everything from efficient on-set workflow to troubleshooting to advanced software techniques. At the end of two days it culminates with a written test.

To register, please call Denny Semick at 216-361-6805 or email with questions.

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Profoto Trade-in Promo

What better time to upgrade that old flash system....Trade in any flash generator and get two free Acute/D4 heads!

Promo Expires June 30, 2014